Ephemeral success exhibition “crossed looks”


Saturday, May 18, 2019, we had the chance to host for a short-lived exhibition the painter Eugène Abraham, who came with part of his work.

You have come many, more than we hoped for. Thank you.

The atmosphere was friendly, the paintings and petits fours of the artist had a lot to do with.

Our house in Toulouse was an ideal setting. So suitable that we would almost consider turning our seasonal rental into an exhibition gallery. But in the meantime, for the lucky ones who will live at our home for a weekend or a month, the exhibition continues: some paintings stil hang on the walls.

NB: For the petits fours, too late, we ate them all.

In the entranceIn the entranceIn the verandahIn the verandahEugène AbrahamIn the verandahIn the stairsIn the north bedroomIn the north bedroomIn the north bedroomIn the south bedroomIn the south BedroomIn the bathroomIn the mirror roomIn the mirror roomIn the atticIn the atticIn the dining roomOn the dinning room table

We are waiting for you here: house in Toulouse