Bessans, open its slopes on November 6, 2021

This year again, Bessans will be the first cross-country ski resort to open its slopes in France.

Hurry for the opening on November 6.

A fir tree, a snow cannon, snow, cross-country skiers
The Bessans slopes in November

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Summer ski at Pisaillas glacier

Haven’t you skied this winter? You can ski this summer! 15 kilometers above the Bonneval-sur-Arc chalets, from June 12 to July 11, 2021, summer ski slopes are open on the Grand Pisaillas glacier. You will have the pleasure of mixing with the best of local and international skiing, for which a few slopes are reserved to prepare for this winter’s competitions.

Competitors seen from behind at a ski lift
The champions at the Montet ski lift

Rest assured, there are still some slopes for individuals. One ski there, with happiness, between 2720 and 3197 meters high and from 7:30 am to noon every day.

View of the summer ski slopes from a chairlift
On the Cascade (waterfall) chairlift
A skier putting on her gloves, ski slopes
On the slope at Pisaillas
Two skiers, a small snowmelt lake, the shadow of a chairlift
Two skiers near the lake at Pisaillas

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360° of happiness

Touring skis, snow, sun and 360 ° of happiness on arrival at Evettes circus

We are waiting for you here : Bonneval-sur-Arc

Snow farming at Bessans

A pile of snow under sawdust

As there’s still snow, we’re storing it for next year.

This is the snow farming technique : we make a pile of snow at the end of the season ; we protect it all summer long under a layer of sawdust ; we put it back on the slopes at the beginning of the next season. It allows the opening of the cross-country ski trails in Bessans at the end of October. Do you remember ?

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Snow is there

Snow is falling in Bonneval-sur-Arc.
The chairlift stamps impatience.

A ski slope, a stoped chairlift, snow
The Vallonet in the first snow

Us too. Actually, we are already skiing. In Bessans, as the cross-country ski trails are open and full of champions, we ski off tracks to be sure not to make complexes, 🙂

A large expanse of snow, a skier alone, a trail in the powder
Cross-country skiing at Bessans

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The ski resort is open until july 14

A ski resort

Now that the Iseran pass is open, at 14 km of beautiful road from Michka and Le Pré Catin chalets in Bonneval-sur-Arc, summer is the season of winter sports. The ski slopes on the Pisaillas glacier are open from 7am to noon and until July 14th, 2019.

Enjoy summer skiing. More information on the Val d’Isère resort website.

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October 20, the ski slopes are open

Do your spatulas itch you?
Cross-country ski trails are open in Bessans.
The snow that was stored at the end of last winter under sawdust was spread this week on the biathlon ring. The slopes are open to the general public for part of the day.

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A 2018 winter unlike any other in Bonneval-sur-Arc

The program “Chroniques d’en Haut” from the “France 3” TV visited Bonneval-sur-Arc to put forward this exceptional winter and these historic snow accumulations!

Winter season started in Bonneval-sur-Arc

The big winter season started in Bonneval-sur-Arc.
And boing, a little caricature from TF1 TV on Bonneval sur Arc. The (pretty) moms accompany (nice) toddlers at school and the (too strong) dads work hard to prepare the winter.

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Powder snow in Bonneval-sur-Arc

A small collection of powder photos in Bonneval sur Arc

We are waiting for your here : Bonneval-sur-Arc