June 24, 2024. Summer skiing is (finally) open

It took a little longer than usual, but at last, the Iseran pass is open. Summer skiing on the Pisaillas glacier too, from 2725 to 3300 meters above sea level, until Friday July 5, 2024 and from 7 a.m. to noon The good news is that with all the snow that has fallen spring, there are many left on the slopes.

It is 15 km from the Pré-Catin and Michka chalets. In addition, the road is beautiful. Just watch out for marmots on the road on the way up 🙂

A ski instructor on the slopes of the Pisaillas glacier
(Photo taken on June 27, 2023)

We are waiting for you here: Bonneval-sur-Arc

Powder ocean

There is one thing we really like here : the return from the East, a weather phenomenon which brought us 1.80 m of powder last week and 70 cm on Sunday. It’s simple, freeriders have snow up to their chests.


Mountains, lots of snow

Powder ocean

Powder snow, trees
On Andagne chair lift

Bessans resort opens on November 4, 2023

Cross-country skiers, mountains
Cross-country ski trails in Bessans at the beginning of November (photo taken on November 6, 22)

As every year since 2018, the cross-country ski resort of Bessans is the first in France to open its slopes. The first tracks are available by means of snow-farming. The resort stored 16,000m3 of snow at the end of last winter under a thick layer of sawdust and spread it over the biathlon ring this week.

A pile of snow under sawdust

The tracks are open from November 4, 2023 at 8 a.m. for champions and from 1 p.m. for the general public. Wax your cross-country skis, we are waiting for you here: Bonneval-sur-Arc

French TV France 2 at Bonneval-sur-Arc

Do you feel good in Bonneval-sur-Arc? France Télévision also that honor us of a small report on the village this Sunday, January 29, 2023 in the 1 p.m. news.

Bonneval-sur-Arc vu par le journal de 13 heures de France 2

We are waiting you here : Bonneval-sur-Arc

360° of happiness

Touring skis, snow, sun and 360 ° of happiness on arrival at Evettes circus

We are waiting for you here : Bonneval-sur-Arc

Snow farming at Bessans

A pile of snow under sawdust

As there’s still snow, we’re storing it for next year.

This is the snow farming technique : we make a pile of snow at the end of the season ; we protect it all summer long under a layer of sawdust ; we put it back on the slopes at the beginning of the next season. It allows the opening of the cross-country ski trails in Bessans at the end of October. Do you remember ?

We are waiting for you here : Bonneval-sur-Arc

Snow is there

Snow is falling in Bonneval-sur-Arc.
The chairlift stamps impatience.

A ski slope, a stoped chairlift, snow
The Vallonet in the first snow

Us too. Actually, we are already skiing. In Bessans, as the cross-country ski trails are open and full of champions, we ski off tracks to be sure not to make complexes, 🙂

A large expanse of snow, a skier alone, a trail in the powder
Cross-country skiing at Bessans

We are waiting for you here : Bonneval-sur-Arc

A 2018 winter unlike any other in Bonneval-sur-Arc

The program “Chroniques d’en Haut” from the “France 3” TV visited Bonneval-sur-Arc to put forward this exceptional winter and these historic snow accumulations!

Winter season started in Bonneval-sur-Arc

The big winter season started in Bonneval-sur-Arc.
And boing, a little caricature from TF1 TV on Bonneval sur Arc. The (pretty) moms accompany (nice) toddlers at school and the (too strong) dads work hard to prepare the winter.

We are waiting for you in Bonneval-sur-Arc

Powder snow in Bonneval-sur-Arc

A small collection of powder photos in Bonneval sur Arc

We are waiting for your here : Bonneval-sur-Arc