Enter the rock-hewn church of Vals

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French TV news at Vals

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Sunday January 15, France two 1pm TV news goes to the department of Ariège, to discover a church that looks like a fortress. Notre Dame de Vals is a site built more than 1,000 years ago

Happy new year 2020

In terms of escape and vacation,
here or there, we can help you to get a
good year in 2020

Un chalet savoyard typique la nuit



French TV in the Toulouse area

The pasteliers hotels of Toulouse, the national square of Montauban, the gaillacois vineyard, the wool of ariégeoise, the market of Mirepoix, the Pyrenees….

Wander the roads of our Toulouse area, and stay here: Toulouse, there: Teilhet, up there: Luchon or there: Villemur-sur-Tarn.

The Cathar Ariège, county of art and history

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We wait you here : Cathar Ariege

A video about Teilhet

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Film on Teilhet in Ariège near Mirepoix. The Merovingian Tabariane necropolis, the church, the aromatic festivals

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Happy new year 2018

Dear Internet users,
Hoping to have the pleasure of welcoming you soon here or there, I wish you an happy new year 2018 of walks, discoveries and change of scenery.


A beautiful 2018 year of walks, discoveries and change of scenery

Anne Rives.



The rock church of Vals

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2 km from the cottage the beautiful church of Vals

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At the Tabariane site the visit is commented

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At the site of Tabariane, a stone’s throw from our cottage in Teilhet, the visit is commented.

Tourists sitting on a wall listening to a speaker

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