Paddle at the service of nature in Villemur-sur-Tarn

People on paddle boards, a river, trees

“Per l’Aiga paddle has been running for a few years and offers water rides to discover the Tarn in a singular way: with the paddle, which combines sport and the pleasure of contemplating the many wonders of our beautiful region, from either side of the banks of the river crossing Villemur.”

La Dépêche du Midi du 20 juillet 2019.

We are wating for you here : Villemur-sur-Tarn

Ephemeral success exhibition “crossed looks”


Saturday, May 18, 2019, we had the chance to host for a short-lived exhibition the painter Eugène Abraham, who came with part of his work.

You have come many, more than we hoped for. Thank you.

The atmosphere was friendly, the paintings and petits fours of the artist had a lot to do with.

Our house in Toulouse was an ideal setting. So suitable that we would almost consider turning our seasonal rental into an exhibition gallery. But in the meantime, for the lucky ones who will live at our home for a weekend or a month, the exhibition continues: some paintings stil hang on the walls.

NB: For the petits fours, too late, we ate them all.

We are waiting for you here: house in Toulouse

French TV in the Toulouse area

The pasteliers hotels of Toulouse, the national square of Montauban, the gaillacois vineyard, the wool of ariégeoise, the market of Mirepoix, the Pyrenees….

Wander the roads of our Toulouse area, and stay here: Toulouse, there: Teilhet, up there: Luchon or there: Villemur-sur-Tarn.

Unique in the world: the negrette

At Fronton, we have been cultivating, for 2000 years, a grape unique in the world: the negrette
This grape gives a very colorful wine and little acid which has a very complete aromatic palette: violet, strawberry, black fruits, licorice.
Come and enjoy it.

We are waiting for you here: Villemur-sur-Tarn

The capitular towers of Toulouse

At the time of the Renaissance, it was fashionable to display its wealth with the highest tower possible to raise. We still have capitular towers of Toulouse. To see them ? Eyes up !

We are waiting for you here: Toulouse

The Toulouse-Revel train, Fonsegrives station

From 1907 to 1947, Fonsegrives was served by the Southwest Railway Company.
The station was located where the current the Goudouli course lays today

A small station

Credit : La Dépêche du Midi

The “little black train” was convenient to get to Saint Ferréol lake

Here you will find a travelogue in the 40s

Whe are wating for you here : la Tarentelle

Christmas in Toulouse

A video about the beauties of Toulouse, the pink city at Christmas.


Merci à Mathieu Maxime Prod de partager avec nous cette incroyable vidéo de Toulouse, ville féérique à la période de Noël !Réalisation :

Publiée par Haute-Garonne Tourisme sur Mardi 20 décembre 2016

We are waiting for you here : Toulouse

World champions

It is a Fronton wine which had for the second time the title of world champion of rosés this year, we are more than a little proud of this !

We are waiting for you here : Villemur-sur-Tarn

Newspaper about “La Tarentelle”

Local Newspaper speaks about “La Tarentelle” :

Table with breakfast in a library

“Her house has become too big, after the departure of her children, a woman from Quint-Fonsegrives has made the choice to open a bed and breakfast, so it is from the first days of this Spring 2016 (Easter), This room will be available, in the heart of the village of Quint-Fonsegrives near Toulouse.For a maximum capacity of two people, it is located in a very quiet street, a hundred meters from all amenities (shops, restaurants, doctors, pharmacies and own-site-bus to the subway of Toulouse.) Ideal situation to finalize a stage, for a stay of business, pleasure or tourism.

We are waiting for you here: la Tarentelle